ON Page SEO looks at your website or page is about. It is optimizing your website that affect he search engine. It includes  the :-

  • Title Tag
  • Heading
  • URL Structure
  • Alt Text for Images
  • Page Speed
  • Page Content
  • Internal Linking

OFF Page SEO looks at how your accurate your website is. It is to increase the authority of your domain  through getting links from other websites.



Off page search engine is not just about links. It is about everything that doesn’t happen directly on your website. It refers to action taken outside your  own website  to impact the ranking of  the search results pages. Off page simply tell the google what other users think about your website.  It is about link building, local SEO and social media. Or in other words we can say that , it generate your traffic on your site and appear on the top of the search engine.





Why Off-Page SEO is important ?

  • Improves the website ranking positions at the search engine result pages.
  • Links must have done if you want your website to rank high.
  • Backlinks are perhaps the foremost critical a part of off-page SEO.
  • Not only quantity link matters but quality link matters. In other words , a link from a high authority page is worth more then low  authority page .


What is Off Page SEO Services ?

The Off Page SEO services are -:

  • Off-page SEO refers to the techniques which will help you to  improve the search engine rankings .
  • Off-page search engine optimization involves various promotion methods to optimize each  part of the website which will help in improving the rankings.
  • Off-page SEO is performed outside the boundaries of your own website.
  • Link building forms a important part of  the off-site SEO that helps in increasing the authority of your website also  as promoting your website



 Why OFF Page optimization is important ?

 A successful Off Page Optimization is going to be very Valuable for your website. It’s helpful for -:

  • Increasing the Rankings at the search result
  • Increasing the Page Rank
  • Increasing the exposure of the Website
    All these will help you to increase you website at the top of the search engine result pages.



What type of  links are on OFF Page SEO?

Links has an important role in the OFF Page SEO , before you build a back-links you must know how many types of links are there.

There are 3 types of links . They are -:

  • Natural links – A natural links comes to your website easily. The person who is writing the content has decided to link your content because the writer found your content so attractive and valuable .
  • Built links A built link comes to your website from the reach of the influencer You have worked to acquire this link weather by collaborating to webmaster , publisher.
  • Created links – A created link approach with you website from self submission  on directories and forum. You have created this link  intentionally and without conducting any outreach.


What Factors that Influence link value for OFF page SEO ?

The factors that influence link value for off page SEO :-

  • In your website you can used the Anchor Text.
  • You can add the fresh link on your website
  • In linking page you can increase the number of links.
  • The linking site should be trustworthiness
  • The authorization of the linking site and therefor the linking page .



Why does off page SEO matters ?

Off Page SEO is extremely valuable because  it tells the search engine that your website is more important to the web.  Every link that you receive act as recommendation from another source that your website is quality. Search engines like google measures off page SEO factors, like the number and quality of backlinks to the websites.

For example if there are two Cafe website with similar content, which would rank higher.

If one of the café website has more backlinks  from a well-known source, while other café website has less or no backlinks , the website with more backlinks  will likely higher. Just remember  – A page without a off site optimization is like a café without a menu.


What are the Off Page SEO techniques :

There are various techniques  in  off page SEO:

  • Content should be sharable – If the content is good you are the king of the search engine optimization . If you want to generate more and more backlinks to the website create an amazing and sharable content in a smart way to attract users.
  • Link building is king – If the website has more links at your content then your website increase at the search engine . It is more and foremost thing to create the link in the website . Link building should about the quality not quantity. If you win from your competitors then see from where you competitors get the backlinks and target with the same source.
  • Influencer should reach at your content – If your content is good and you shared your content but your influencer  didn’t reach then tell them to check your blog and ask for backlinks  from their blog. The backlinks should always get from the relevant domains.
  • Social Media Power – If you have to win from your competitors then you have to win the audience from the social media it will rank your website high at search engine. Facebook ,Instagram ,Twitter knows very well how to engage people share the good content and serve as a friend they want as a virtual world . However the online marketer knows how to use these social media for their brand to attract the influencer. Social media presence will help you to grow your business and help you to get more links.
  • Guest Author – If your content is good then write an amazing blog  to attract the influencer. It will increase the influencer but don’t focus only on the quantity , quality matters .
  • Build Trust is important – If you are doing the off site SEO then it is necessary to build a influencer That’s how you get the social media influencer votes.
  • Image and video sharing – In today’s world when everything is augmented reality influencer attract through the images and videos you should try to attract the the influencer through these images and video and increase your website at the search engine
  • Present everywhere – If you want your website go smoothly then you should be present . If the influencer ask anything on your website you try to answer at that time If you heard the name of Mc-Donald’s and Coca-Cola these are the companies that is still going on because of their marketing strategies. They know how to attract the customers.




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