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Do you want to know how to do on page SEO ,how to optimize your website perfectly , how to get traffic on your website ?

You are in right place.

On page is very important to rank your website ,For traffic on your website.


WHAT  is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to the optimization of website structure and content – anything that is on the page .

If you think SEO is  bowl of soup then off- page SEO is all about links building and on- page SEO tends to content and technical stuff.

  • Content
  • Technical stuffhow to do on page seo in 2020


HOW  to do on-page SEO?

Doing on-page SEO requires broad knowledge, as it includes many aspects. In this guide, we’re going to learn you step by step through the most important on-page success factors and techniques.


WHY should you work on the on-page SEO?

Because it is an important part of SEO that can help you get higher rankings, reach a bigger audience and get more organic traffic. On-page SEO is most important for website.

unlike off page SEO ,on-page SEO is fully user control.

WHEN  you should do on page SEO ?

Some important  things  when you starting with the website (e.g. page structure, HTTPS, website speed optimization), other activities are needed every once in a while – you need to take on-page optimization into account every time you publish a new blog or anything you change in your website content.

On-page SEO should be  done even if you rank #1 in the search results because SEO is an ongoing process .It is important to do on-page SEO for stability on search result pages.

WHO should be doing on-page SEO?

Any website owner, blogger, online marketer or SEO specialist. In fact, anyone who wants to  rank a website in search engines.

WHAT are on-page SEO factor?

On- page SEO contains many factor

Here are 12 important factor for on-page SEO 

how to do on page seo in 2020?

  • Crawlable website – the website is crawlable and indexed by search robots. 
  • Site architecture – there is a clear structure and logic in the architecture of the pages
  • Quality outbound links – the website is linking to high-quality external resources
  • Website speed the pages load fast on all devices
  • Mobile friendliness the page renders on every device and browser properly
  • Use of HTTPS – the website is secured and has an SSL certificate
  • User-friendly URLs – URL addresses are simple and UX-friendly
  • Well-targeted content the page targets a specific search intent
  • Keyword optimization – the page uses relevant keywords in relevant places
  • Image optimization – the images are optimized for search engines
  • Readability and UX the text is well-optimized, readable and UX-friendly
  • Click-through rate – the page has optimized title tag and meta description

Things such as HTTPS or page speed are important  ranking factors. It means Google uses them directly in their ranking algorithm.

Technical stuff

On-page SEO consist of technical optimization to a big length. For many users it’s  just a necessary evil, but knowing the fundamental is not actually difficult.

Check robot accessibility of your website and page indexing

The accessibility of your website is the base of technical SEO. Search engines crawl web pages and index them into databases to display the most relevant results to their users.

How to find out if your pages are being indexed or not? By using Google Search Console.

  How to setup Search console

To connect to search console, you need to sign up with Google account and verify your domain.

how to do on page SEO in 2020


In  the past  you had to verify all the version (HTTP, HTTPS, WWW, OR NONE WWW).

The Search Console helps you analyze your keyword rankings, CRTs, possible Google penalties , site indexing and many more.

How to check if your pages are on Google?

Open Google Search Console. In the Coverage view, choose “Excluded” and check to see if there are any pages that should be indexed in that list.

how to do on page SEO in 2020

You’ll probably see a lot of excluded pages. It may or may not be a problem. The Search Console will show you all removed pages and it is up to you to decide if the listed pages should or shouldn’t be indexed by Google.

But if you see any important URLs of landing pages, blog posts, categories or products in exclude list, there can be a problem.

This issue can occur due to a little mistake on the website (a misplaced “no index” attribute) or more serious issues such as duplicate or thin content. If this problem occurred ,try some possible reason and solve them.

Build a perfect site structure

Site structure is one of important things you should think about even before the launch of the website because it can be difficult to edit it after launch.

To have a good, easy-to-understand structure of the page is important for two main reasons:

1.Makes the website more crawler friendly

2.Improve user experience.



If you have a big website with thousands of pages, you can use a sitemap. The sitemap is a simple file (usually an .XML) with the URLs of all your pages. It helps crawlers to find all the pages you want to be crawled and indexed in one place.

Here’s an example of XML sitemap generated by Yost SEO plugin in wordpress .

how to do on page seo in 2020


There’s a lots of misinformation about sitemap so remember these things:

  1. Sitemap dose not give you any extra point to rank your website in google.
  2. When you have small and simple informational website ,you don’t need any sitemap.Google crawler is able to crawl index your website


 Structure depth

The structure of the website shouldn’t be complicated so that the search engines can crawl all the important content easily and people can find the desired content quickly.

When designing the website navigation, use the so-called three-click rule:

A user of your website should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks from the homepage, because it makes bad user experience.

how to do on page seo in 2020


The structure depth is closely connected to the internal links.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of internal links.



Internal links

Internal links are a great way to keep the reader on your site. They increase user interaction and bring added value by offering relevant information or pages.

How many internal links should you actually use?

This depends mostly on the length of the text. Multiple internal links on the same page are totally fine for SEO, just make it look natural .

Outbond links

Link to other website is more important same as internal link.

Of course, linking out should fulfill certain conditions:

  1. It should be done in moderation.
  2. You should link to quality websites (not shady, spammy, low-quality trash).
  3. It should be natural and relevant.

One last thing – be careful who you link to.

Authorized websites tend to link to other authorized websites, but never to low-quality, spammy websites. This way, it is quite easy to detect the network of spammy websites. Show Google that you belong to the “network” of legit websites.

how to do on page seo in 2020

Improve page loading speed

Page speed is a ranking factor, and the reason is clear. In this fast era, nobody is want  to wait for information from a site if there are other faster options.

Think if you open a website or page and it is take more then 3 seconds ,You probably hit the back button and look for another result.

Google collects these signals and takes them into consideration in their algorithm.It gives wrong impression on user.

To test the page speed, you can use PageSpeed Insights from Google. Besides the speed score, you’ll also get tips and hints on how to improve the site speed.

Optimize the images

This is most important things when it comes to page speed.

Image files which have big size takes more time to load and affect page speed . Therefore, you should optimize the image sizes and find the ideal balance between size and quality.

Big image files are the most common issue causing slow page loading. Make sure it is not your case.

Enable browser caching

Every time user visits your website, all of the elements are loaded. These elements are stored in a temporary storage in their browser called cache. If they visit your website again, the website can be loaded from the cache. It gives user fast experience .

If  you use WordPress , there is many plugin for cache memory. You can install  and use for your website benefits.

Make your website mobile-friendly

In most case Google rank mobile friendly sites. There are many options for mobile friendliness: a separate mobile site or responsive design. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but the best solution for SEO and analytics nowadays is the responsive version.

If you use WordPress, stay calm because most WP themes are built responsively for mobile.

Just to be sure, test your mobile-friendliness in a tool from Google or check any issues in Search Console, section Mobile Usability.

Secure your website

If your website secure and  running on https//,  its great but still using of http//  you may have some problem.

In other words, having a secured website can help you rank better, especially if your page is compared to another page with similar quality but without SSL certificate. 

Unsecured website can have a negative impact on other areas too:          

  1. Click through rate
  2. Bounce rate


Get SSL certificate,these day  you don’t even have to pay for it.

Create short simple URLs and content

In search result all factor depands on your content and url.So include these points for best results

  1. The shorter the better
  2. Separate words with a dash
  3. Ideally, it should include the focus keyword
  4. Don’t use digits or other special characters

It looks better and makes more sense for the users.URL should not be big because it gives wrong impression on user.

Make  sure shorten the URL before you publish it.

Keyword research

  • find new topic ideas
  • find phrases that are popular, relevant and easy to rank
  • understand what people are interested in

Keyword research will tell you what people are searching for and how many of them. It also helps you to see what exact questions they want and what kind of article . It also helps you to find what phrases they use to find the answers.

how to do on page seo in 2020


Optimize for the focus keyword

SEO is not about finding keywords and spreading it everywhere. Focus keyword  helps you to focus your content on a particular topic.

how to do on page seo in 2020

Focus key

If your focus keyword is “best content marketing strategy for medium businesses”, it would be crazy to use it in all the on-page elements mentioned here.

The same applies to exact match keywords. Google understands that “running shoes cheap”“cheap running shoes” and “cheap shoes for running” means the same. So relax and don’t stuff your page with the same phrase over and over again just because it is your focus keyword.

Title tag and meta description

It is best practice to use the focus keyword in the title tag of your page.

Think about your potential visitors. If they look for “digital marketing, they probably expect the keyword to show up in the title of the website.

The same applies to meta description. Just remember that Google may replace your meta description with random text from your page, if it finds it more appropriate for the user.

Alt text

Google Images make up to 23% of the search engine market share ,that means huge traffic potential. That’s why we need to add an alt text to every informative image on your website.

Search engine can not read content of image but they can read all alt text that describe the content information.

Monitoring and analytics

It’s important to monitor your website continue so you can get best SEO result. In order to keep improving the on-page optimization of your website, you should monitor the results.

Track keyword ranking-

 One of the great ways to see the impact of your on-page SEO activities is to track the rankings for the most important keywords.

You can check your average positions in Google Search Console.


Analyse your site traffic-

One of the most simple  ways to measure the impact of your on-page optimization (and your traffic and audience in general) is to use Google Analytics. If you focus on the right approach, you may see how readers respond to your content.

You will be able to track you user experience before and after optimization,How much time a user spend on your website. All this data will be a huge help for your further on page optimization efforts.

Organic traffic-

Getting more organic traffic is one of the main goals of SEO. So tracking the traffic that comes from search engines is something you should do all the time to see the overall progress of your SEO activities.

To see your best performance pages follow these steps-

Bounce rate-

Bounce rate  shows the percentage of users who leave your website without engaging with your page in any way. Bounce rate is not same for all pages .High bounce rate gives bad effect on ranking of your website.

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